Advanced Distribution Services

Real Time Inventory Control

At Advanced Distribution Services, you have the option of using your inventory management system or our proven inventory system. With the ADS system:

•    You can track or trace your own stock and orders at ADS using a computer or a mobile app for your phone or tablet. Simply go to our website, enter your account number and password and then you can track and trace your stock through our warehouse.

•    We download/scan your receipt  and location information which is recorded and available for you to check at any time.

•    When you send your orders we download them to our warehouse management system (WMS) and to our hand held scanners. Orders are picked, scanned and despatched, and all this information is available for you to access 24/7 via our website.

You can be confident our real time WMS will provide detailed movement records for all inventory as well as shipment tracking, and our highly experienced staff ensure that inventory information is kept up to date at all times.
As a result, this puts you in charge from start to finish, and you save time and cost managing your inventory. We do the work for you.